Alex Myers is an up-and-coming Street Fighter V player who's already shown to have a strong start in SFV by taking a spot in the Top 8 in SFV at NWM8.

As a Cross Counter trainer of 2 years, Myers has been earning himself a reputation of being a very in-depth and caring teacher to all his trainees, all this is evident from this reddit post on r/SF4.  And many of his students have seen obvious progress by the end of their sessions and come out much more knowledgeable and experienced

In-depth knowledge of

  • Mastery in fundamentals such as footsies, pressure, reading opponents, etc.
  • Adapting to opponents play-style
  • SFV: Specializes in Cammy, Nash, and Shoto's (Ryu + Ken)
  • USF4: Sakura and Evil Ryu


  • Ranked within Top 50 Players in the world by Eventhubs
  • 9th Place at Defend the North 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 5th Place at North West Majors 8 - Street Fighter V
  • Top 8 at the first Wednesday Night Fight (140+ entrants)
  • 7th Place at Hadocon VI - Ultra Street Fighter IV (eventhubs.com)
  • 3rd Place at Moment 37 Reloaded - Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • 5th Place at Pre-EVO2014 Wednesday Night Fights - Ultra Street Fighter IV


Photo credit: Chris bahn at ptbphoto.org