Interview with Donovan Bautista, Student of gootecks

Donovan Bautista is a student that signed up for a long-term, multiple session deal with gootecks. After several lessons, we asked Donovan what he thought of the lessons he thought of what he thought of the training he had so far.


CCTraining: Give us a quick introduction on who you are as a player.

Donovan: My name is Donovan. I play Sakura and Evil Ryu. I've been playing fighting games for 2 years now. I started with Marvel and then I switched to Street Fighter. I played C. Viper, Sentinel, Wekser. I played Melee for a bit but it's completely different from traditional 2d fighters.

CCTraining: Why did you end up booking an appointment with Cross Counter Training.

Donovan: I feel that my gameplay had hit a roadblock and I wasn't sure what to do. So, who better to ask than pros? When I finally hit up gootecks, I could see a definite improvement in my gameplay. I can say the lessons definitely helped.

CCTraining: Going into Cross Counter Training. What did you expect to get out of the training?

Donovan: I expected some insight on what I was doing wrong and what I can do to improve. Also I expected to learn about how I could manage my time better in the training room - just figuring out what I need to practice instead of just practicing combos and hoping I get them online. I was also expecting a pretty professional layout - get in, do you thing, get out.

CCTraining: Sounds good. So you signed up for four coaching sessions with gootecks. How did those sessions go? What did you think of them?

Donovan: It was a lot of fun! gootecks is a pretty good coach. He can pick apart your gameplay pretty quickly and exploit the things that you're doing or not doing correctly. That right there helps me save a lot of time. And gootecks - he's just a good guy so it's a lot of fun having lessons with gootecks.

CCTraining: Can you give me an example of something he picked out about your gameplay?

Donovan: He noticed that a lot of my combos were more not-on-reaction but just what I practiced. So he told me that different spacings between me and my opponent would require different combos, but I wouldn't because I would, out of memory, just try a combo and it wouldn't work because I would be too far away. So he gave me a lot of homework to practice different combos at different ranges. So now I'm more confident with doing FADC combos.

CCTraining: That's good! You also did a group session with us, can you give me an idea of how that went?

Donovan: I think it was fun. It was a little off just because of how many different player levels there were. So the overall lesson itself was kind of scattered amongst who was playing. But it was definitely a stress-free environment and I guess it was really good for the people who were just starting out to see some of the higher level play.

CCTraining: Is there any niche that you would recommend the group session to?

Donovan: Well, yeah! It's only $10 so it's pretty cheap if you're trying to save money, but don't have $50 to spend on every lesson. And it still gets you good training. It may not be specifically targeted towards you, but you can get the general consensus of the gameplay and try to apply it to your own gameplay and see what you're doing wrong compared to what these other people are doing.

CCTraining: Overall, how do you think you developed as a player?

Donovan: Oh, man. I am so happy with how much I have improved with my gameplay. One of the most frustrating things for me when I pick up a game is that if I don't progress, I start to get bored with it and I end up not wanting to play anymore. But with this I decided that I was going to be serious about it and the lessons have definitely helped me more than anything else.

CCTraining: What do you think was the most improved part of your gameplay?

Donovan: Footsies for sure! I had combos down because that's all I would do in training mode. So my execution was fine, but my neutral game was awful. I wasn't anti-airing properly and I wasn't spacing with the correct moves.

CCTraining: Going into these lessons, what were your goals as a player?

Donovan: I guess my goal with this is to take myself as far as I can. If I get to go on stage at EVO, then great! But I never want to feel like I gave up the game before I was at my limit. I mean, everyone wants to be at a professional level. That's just the dream, y'know? But I just want to have fun while getting better.

CCTraining: And you think these lessons have been helping you reach those goals?

Donovan: 100%. I'm definitely going to keep going. If you definitely plan on improving your gameplay, try a lesson with any of the trainers. Some of them have smaller costs for their plans so just try it! You may realize how little you're doing by not helping yourself with this. But once you get your first lesson in you'll definitely see an improvement.

CCTraining: For sure, man. You have any shout-outs?

Donovan: Shout-outs to you for being really cool and shoutouts to gootecks for all the really chill lessons and the homework.

CCTraining: Do you think you'll be doing more lessons in the future?

Donovan: Yes. I think with more lessons as I need them I will be able to take out all of the unnecessary things that I'm doing in my gameplay and slowly develop myself into becoming a real Street Fighter player.

CCTraining: Sounds good, man. Thanks for the interview!

Donovan: You, too! Anytime!


It's time so step up your game! Who do you want in your corner? If you want to feel the power that Donovan felt after his training session, it's time for you to take that next step and pick a trainer!