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In-Depth Review: Is Cross Counter Training worth your fight money? EventHubs's professor takes a lesson with Gootecks to find out


"I won't vouch for all of the training staff, but Gootecks completely caught me by surprise. I'm not trying to insult him by stating that, but he actually used a Street Fighter version of student-centered learning. That's something only professional educators even pay attention to. For example, he begins the lesson using formative assessment (the training match), implements auditory and visual learning by talking through his motions as he gives examples on screen, gives purely visual learning by providing written documentation, provides kinesthetic learning by having the student practice what he's taught in training mode, then ends with summative assessment because of the final set. After all of this, you're given homework and invited into a closed network of students to continue practicing what you've learned. It's outstanding."


It's time to step up your game! Who do you want in your corner? If you want to experience the same leveling up the Ryan "Tryken" Tullis went through, then it's time to book a session with Cross Counter Training!