Want to get into Street Fighter? 5 easy-to-digest videos to get you started the right way.

With Street Fighter V closing in on its February 16 release date, now is the perfect time to jump into fighting games both either casually or at a competitive level. If you want to evolve beyond button-mashing and hoping things happen, consider watching any of the resources at the bottom to get yourself started!

First Attack: Learning Street Fighter for Beginners (Season 3, Episode 4)

James Chen, fighting game veteran for over a decade, discusses what many will experience when learning that there is a meta-game behind fighting games. But for those that want to get into the meat of fighting game mechanics, cut to 9:10 of the video to get to his handy PowerPoint.

Level 3 Focus: Little Teachable Moments (Season 3, Episode 2)

UltraDavid, James Chens' partner in commentary, goes over little moments in high level Street Fighter matches. Even though a lot of what UltraDavid discusses is not completely in the beginner's realm of understanding, it is a perfect example of the mindset that intermediate to high level players take while playing any fighting game.

The Beta Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross: SFV BASICS w/ WWE'S XAVIER WOODS! (Episode 1)

After understanding the mindset and fundamentals of fighting games, one of the greatest steps you can take next is to watch another beginner slowly build their game so you know where to start. You can find such a video in professional wrestler Xavier Woods learns from famed teacher Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez and slowly builds his arsenal slowly and methodically.

Beyond Technical: Tutorial for Street Fighter Beginners

Once you've seen the foundation of solid fighting game fundamentals set, now you can take in more information with a more comprehensive analysis of your options. Though this explanation of fighting game fundamentals has more information to take in, this video serves a good way to see those fundamentals in practice.

The USF4 Guidebook - Part 1: The Basics

After hearing about fighting game fundamentals and seeing learning in action, you can get ready to apply what you've learned! MetalMusicMan covers all that you need to know to get in what is currently the most recent iteration of Street Fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV with game specific mechanics so that you can dive into matches and start developing.

Whether you watch one or all of these videos, you should be able to come away with a strong understanding of how fighting games are designed to work that you can build your gameplay off of.


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