Cross Counter Podcast Episode 05 with Gootecks and Mike Ross

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in 2017.” - Gootecks

Our heroes are back for another episode of the Cross Counter podcast, and they want you to join them in the stick-free revolution. In this episode, Gootecks and Mike Ross discuss the power of Hitbox and what convinced them to use the unique controller.

Hitbox is an all-button controller designed specifically for fighting games. There is no stick to move the character as is the case with all other fighting game arcade-style controllers. Instead, the directional inputs are guided by four buttons. The button configuration is mapped in a way to execute difficult moves at a higher rate while making fewer input errors that could cost players a crucial win in a tournament match.

Gootecks and Mike have been using Hitbox for a few months and have been convinced it is the future, they want you to make the switch and talk about why you must.

The duo also dives into West Coast Warzone, the best Street Fighter V players at the moment, players from yesteryear and more.

LET THE GUYS KNOW: Which pro player would you like to see use a Hitbox, and who do you think will be the first to win a Street Fighter V major using Hitbox? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  • The guys discuss MadCatz filing for bankruptcy and who is affected by the move. (0:59)

  • Gootecks explains why he switched to Hitbox. Mike also revisits his match with Clockwork at NorCal Regionals last year. (6:50)

  • The match that convinced Gootecks to switch to Hitbox. The guys also discuss pad players vs fightstick players. (9:35)

  • Mike’s experience with Hitbox. He breaks down the execution needed to succeed with it. (14:30)

  • It’s been how long since Mike brought a fightstick to a tournament? (17:24)

  • Why Gootecks didn’t use Hitbox during the Street Fighter IV era. (23:25)

  • The guys break down West Coast Warzone and the results along with Mike’s tournament experience and his match against MarqTeddy. (25:30)

  • Why the guys believe pad players approach fighting games different than everyone else. (28:45)

  • The moves that are easier to execute on a Hitbox, and what Gootecks would like to accomplish in Street Fighter V. (31:35)

  • The guys share who they believe are the top Street Fighter V players right now. (36:16)

  • When Mike plays online and why he accepts random invitationations. He also shares his want for a Capcom Fighter Network app. (39:50)


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