#E3 Visitor's Guide to LA

E3 is not too far away and no doubt you’re a ball of excitement, ready to check out games, meet industry people, and have a great time at the parties.

For some, E3 is an event they attend every year and already know their way around, but for those of you who are attending E3, or even being in L.A. for the first time, I hope this little guide will help you out!

Where to Stay

No doubt if you haven’t booked a hotel or found a place to stay yet, you’re probably scrambling to find a spot. Although I don’t have exact places to recommend, here are some key points to consider when you’re looking for a place to stay during E3.

  • Beware! Anywhere central downtown will be the most expensive!
    If you’re looking to save some money, just skip looking in that area, chances are, everything is either booked or cost a pretty penny.

  • If you plan on taking the metro to and from the convention center, find places that follow along the Expo or Blue line. Travel times will likely take less than 30 minutes.

  • AirBnB is a good alternate option to a hotel if you’re looking for cheaper prices.
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How to Get Around

Now that you’ve settled your lodging situation, you’ll have to figure out how to get around!

For those of you who plan to take the Metro, Pico Station is the closest stop to L.A. Convention Center, from the station it’s only an 8 minute walk to the convention center. As a frequent traveler with a tendency to get lost, I highly recommend figuring out the best route to your desired location ahead of time. You can utilize websites and apps like https://www.metro.net/ or Google Maps.

Now if you’d much rather travel by bike, there is the option of the Bike Share. It costs $3.50 for a 30 minute ride, or $20 unlimited rides for a month. You can purchase and pick up a bike from any bike station/kiosk located along the Expo and Blue line and throughout downtown and ride it to Pico Station where there is a station nearby for you to return the bike.

And if you’d much rather not deal with public transit or biking, or you’re in a hurry, there’s always the option of taking Uber or Lyft! And I got some coupon codes for first time users courtesy of Gootecks & Cross Counter


  • UberEATS (for when you wanna eat in): eats-ubercrosscounter

  • Lyft: RYAN3251

** By the way, if you plan on taking either from LAX to your lodging, the Uber/Lyft pickup is upstairs on the 2nd level!

Places to Eat

Now that we’ve settled your lodging and transportation, let’s get to the most important topic in this guide...the FOOD! I’ll be recommending yummy spots based on location, so pay attention!

Central Downtown L.A.

  • Grand Central Market (Map)
    Grand Central Market sports a large array of food vendors for you to choose from but notable spots to try out include:

    • Eggslut ($) - Home of one of the most delectable egg sandwiches! Most notably, the Fairfax.

    • Ramen Hood ($$) - If you’re vegetarian or vegan & love ramen, this place is the place to be! But even if you aren’t this ramen spot is still a good place to dine at.

  • Baco Mercat ($$) - Eastern Mediterranean inspired dishes that will make your mouth water. A little pricy, but worth it!

If you enjoy Mexican food as I do, these places are definite spots to check out!

  • Guisados ($) - TACOS! TACOS! TACOS!

  • Yxta ($$) - We recommend their fresh made guacamole! And if you’re looking to chill out or not attending a party, definitely check this place out during their Happy Hours!

  • BS Taqueria ($$) - Another great spot for an array of Mexican cuisine, yum!

Slightly Outside Downtown L.A.

  • Avenue 26 ($) - A delicious Mexican food stand/truck. And by the words of Gootecks, “Bomb ass street tacos!!”

  • El Huarachito ($) - A (hella legit) awesome Mexican cuisine spot.

Little Tokyo

  • Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen ($$) - A famous ramen joint located in Little Tokyo, expect a packed house with pretty decent food.

  • My Ramen Bar ($$) - A delicious ramen spot that isn’t as busy if you aren’t looking to wait in line or be surrounded by a bunch of people in close quarters.

  • Daikokuya ($$) - Another ridiculously famous spot with amazing food. Be warned though, there’s typically a long wait and it’s not a very good spot for groups.

  • Marugame Monzo ($$) - Japanese fusion cuisine specializing in udon. The location also includes a partial open kitchen so you can watch the chef make the udon!

  • Orochon Ramen ($) - If you love spicy ramen, this is the place for you!

  • Cafe Dulce ($) - If you’re looking for something sweet, their donuts will satisfy your craving! I mean...how can you say no to bacon donut holes?!

  • Manna Korean BBQ ($$) - Cheap, all you can eat Korean BBQ. Need I say more?

Arts District

  • Wurstkuche ($$) - Delicious exotic grilled sausages paired with beer and good music. Let the good vibes keep rolling.

  • Pizzanista ($) - Great pizza that you can take to the bar next door!

  • Dona Estela Taco Truck ($) - Delicious Mexican food! (They might be closed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but 100% Thursdays they are open!)


  • Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ ($$) - An AYCE korean BBQ spot that opens till 2AM daily! We have your late night food spot!

  • Soowon Galbi KBBQ ($$) - Another yummy spot (honestly there’s so many places, it’s hard to choose). Do note that this is not an AYCE location.

Places to Go - Bars

You’ve had your fill of amazingly delicious food, or you just want a place to chill after a day of running around at E3. Here’s some spots I recommend for good vibes and good drinks!

  • Boomtown Brewery ($) - If you’re just looking for beer, this relatively new location may be for you!

  • Angel City Brewery ($) - Great craft beers in a open industrial building. Did I mentioned they have board games & art displays?
    It’s also right across from EightyTwo and the Dona Estela Taco Truck (yummmm)

  • EightyTwo ($$) - a retro arcade bar. Need I say more fellow gamer/nerd?

  • Cole’s ($$) - A chill place to grab a bite and a drink. There’s also a speakeasy located in the back called Varnish.

  • Arts District Brewery ($$) - Beer + hard alcohol + bar food + skeeball/darts/corn holes

  • Prank ($$) - If you’re looking for casual and chic, this is the place to be. With yummy drinks and a strong vegan menu (they also serve meat, meat lovers, don’t worry), it’s usually not too busy.

  • Perch ($$$) - If you’re feeling fancy, check out this rooftop bar and bistro.


Phew! After writing about so many good food locations, I’m ready to chow down!

I hope this guide helps you and guides your stomach to great food!

Have fun at E3!