Street Fighter V: Necalli Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial

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This past weekend in addition to playing R. Mika (check out my Street Fighter V R. Mika Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial as well), I also got a chance to play Necalli on Day 2.  Similar to my write-up on R. Mika and Ryu, I’ll be going through the basics of Necalli so that you can have a leg up on the competition in case you get to play the Street Fighter V Beta at an upcoming event like TwitchCon or New York Comic Con, or hell maybe even the online beta.

You can pre-order SFV here for both PS4 and PC, the scheduled release is Spring 2016.

Necalli is a new character to the Street Fighter universe, hailing from the jungle of presumably South America.  He is very strong up close due to his command grab, stomp, and good normals.  He is somewhat of a hybrid between Fei Long and Evil Ryu due to his safe pressure game, minus the fireball, sort of.  His V-Skill is a ground pound, similar to C. Viper’s Seismo Hammer whose distance can be controlled.  Some of his specials have a Wolverine-esque aesthetic such as his Disc’s Guidance and Raging Light.

He is best played offensively because he cannot effectively play the long-range game for long.

For fans of: Fei Long, Evil Ryu, Wolverine, manly characters.

Notable Normals

cr. MK

This move is his main poking tool because it has solid range and is cancelable into LK Valiant Rebellion, his stomp.  

Opening Dagger (F+HP)

This is his overhead which does decent damage and has really good range.

st. MK

Necalli sticks out a close-range knee that is cancelable into any of his special moves as well as his target combo (MK, HK, V-Skill).  It’s similar to Evil Ryu’s cl. MK in SF4.

Air Attacks & Anti-Airs

Road of the Sun (D+HK in the air)

Necalli’s dive kick is probably most similar to Evil Ryu’s in SF4, though the hitbox is nowhere near as threatening due to the seemingly slow startup.  I didn’t get a chance to really test the combo potential of this move but I do remember being able to link a light attack after it.  

j. MK is your go-to cross-up button.

j. HK is best for air-to-air and j. HP is best for jump-ins.  

cr. HP is his best normal anti-air, but you have to be far away from the opponent, similar to the distance of Makoto’s anti-air cr. MK in SF4.  If the opponent is closer, Raging Light must be used, though it was unclear which strength is best as none seemed to have invincibility except EX.

Special Moves

The Disc’s Guidance (QCF+P)

Necalli does a one-hit Berserker Barrage-esque charging attack.  The range on this move is really good and it has the added property of nullifying projectiles without taking damage.  Yes that’s right, you can go through a Fireball and not even take grey life.  If it hits, it causes a knockdown and you get a lot of corner push; if it’s blocked, it’s highly punishable.  

The EX version is a great combo ender because it does solid damage and it gets him even more corner push.  This version seems like the type of move that would have armor on it, but it doesn’t.  

Raising Light (F, D, DF+P)

Necalli does a Berserker Claw-esque uppercut that can be used as anti-air if timed properly, though there seemed to be no invincibility so trading hits is a possibility.  It’s definitely a threat on his wakeup, so don’t overlook it.  It doesn’t do as much damage as a Shoto uppercut but it’s still a threat.  EX Uppercut definitely has invincibility.  

Raising Light seems to be the only follow-up after EX Mask of Tlalli (command grab).  

Mask of Tlalli (HCB+P)

ecalli grabs the opponent by the face, jumps, and slams them to the ground.  His command grab does solid damage and is an important part of his game, but he’s not a grappler.  It’s important to his game in the same way that Fei Long’s is in SF4, meaning that the best time to use it is after you’ve trained the opponent to block your pressure in the corner.  I’d argue that it’s easier to use than Fei or Yun’s command grab because there’s no risk of dropping the follow-up combo, but there is less damage potential.  However, there is no side switch which can either be a good thing or a bad thing when compared to other command grabs and the scenario at hand.  

EX Mask of Tlalli gives him a wall bounce where you can juggle with HP Raising Light mid-screen or LP Raising Light if they are cornered.  The timing is rather strict and you need to do Raising Light immediately after you recover.  

Valiant Rebellion (QCF+K)

LK Stomp is the move that Necalli’s pressure is built around and seems relatively safe.  Though I didn’t test every possible Reversal against it, I don’t think I got punished once for using the LK version.  You can use cr. MK and buffer into the stomp, similar to the way Fei Long can buffer cr. LP into his Rekka.  If cr. MK makes contact, LK Stomp will come out; if it whiffs, it doesn’t.  It can also be canceled into his Critical Art for an easy hit confirm.  This seems to be the easiest Critical Art hit confirm in the game so far.

MK Stomp is somewhat similar to Evil Ryu’s Axe Kick in SF4 because you can link cr. MP afterwards into another stomp or special move.  However, also similar to the way Evil Ryu works, the most practical way to combo into MK Stomp is from st. HP.  This makes it easiest to hit off a dizzy, jump-in, or as a punish.  Even if you hit HP xx MK Stomp as a whiff punish, you’d likely be too far away to continue the combo with cr. MP.  

HK Stomp launches the opponent and you can follow up with EX Stomp.  cr. HP might be the only way to combo into HK Stomp, but I didn’t try st. HP.  Thanks to Mike Dee from Capcom who pointed that one out to us.  

EX Stomp can be comboed into after cr. MP, making Necalli’s most practical 1-Bar combo: HP xx MK Stomp, cr. MP xx EX Stomp.  The EX Stomp does solid damage and corner push and doesn’t knock the opponent down, keeping the momentum going and forcing them into a mix-up situation in the corner.  However, if the opponent is mid screen, I found it more effective to use EX Disc’s Guidance because it does more damage and pushes them really far into the corner.  

Critical Art (QCF, QCF+P)

Necalli slashes the opponent repeatedly and drags them a long way and does solid damage.  It’s easily hit confirmable off of a LK Stomp and I found it to be much easier than Chun Li’s Lightning Legs xx Critical Art or Ryu’s Hadoken xx Critical Art.  It’s about as easy to hit confirm as Birdie’s Shoulder Tackle xx Critical Art.  When Necalli is in V-Trigger, Critical Art is somewhat different, as it’s listed as Soul Offering in the move list, but I didn’t get a chance to see exactly what the difference was.  

V-Skill: Culminated Power (MP+MK, B+MP+MK, or F+MP+MK)

Necalli uses both hands to smash the ground beneath him, causing a projectile to appear at one of three different ranges: near, middle, and far.  This is somewhat similar to C. Viper’s Seismo in SF4.  It doesn’t do a whole lot of damage and it doesn’t seem like you can cancel into it from a normal attack.  However, it does juggle, as evidenced by his target combo: MK, HK, V-Skill.  

This move is a low damage projectile and is used to dissuade the opponent from simply running away.  It gives him at least one option to fight strong zoners who might otherwise be able to outrun him for the duration of the match.  It also causes a knockdown and can trade with linear projectiles pretty easily.  This gives him a pretty big advantage when trying to close the gap because if you see an opponent throw a projectile, you can Neutral or F+V-Skill to punish, score a knockdown, and then close the gap as they’re getting up.  

He seems to get a V-Gauge bonus if V-Skill lands as a Counterhit, building over half of one V-Gauge stock.  It appears to build about half a V-Gauge stock if it connects as a regular hit.  If it’s blocked, he gets about 1/3 of a bar.  

V-Reversal: The Calling (F+PPP)

Necalli shoves the opponent forward for a knockdown, somewhat similar to Yun’s F+HP in SF4 and pushes them back about 1/4 screen.  Shoutouts to Mike Ross for showing the power of this move.  Not a lot of people are using V-Reversal very much but Mike explained that since we don’t understand the nuances of Necalli’s V-Trigger yet, using V-Reversal as a safe way to stop an opponent’s pressure or maintain screen position can be more beneficial.  

With no Focus Attack Dash Cancels in this game, Necalli’s only invincible Reversal is EX Raising Light which is not only extremely punishable if blocked, but also costs one bar of EX Meter.  This makes his V-Reversal a very appealing option because his V-Gauge is built so quickly if you land a few V-Skills.  He should have V-Gauge to spare if you play your cards right.  One thing to note is that he probably cannot use V-Reversal while in V-Trigger mode which lasts the rest of the round, thereby limiting his Reversal options to only EX Raising Light.

It can also go straight through Fireballs, so for example, if you block Ryu’s cr. MK xx Fireball, you can V-Reversal through it. 

V-Trigger: Torrent of Power (HP+HK)

Nepali’s hair turns orange and he gets a power-up. Unlike V-Triggers that wear down over time (Bison/Birdie) or with the use of special moves (Cammy), Necalli’s lasts until the end of the round, making it a unique threat.  I didn’t get a chance to see exactly what the differences are in his moves when he’s in V-Trigger, however the most noticeable change is that his dashes are much faster.  

Essential Combos

0-Bar Point Blank Range: HP xx MK Valiant Rebellion, cr. MP xx LP Disc’s Guidance

You could also substitute LK Valiant Rebellion, but Disc’s Guidance does more damage and more corner push.

0-Bar within Sweep Range: cr. MK xx LK Valiant Rebellion

This is his go to pressure string and is relatively safe.  You aren’t at advantage after a blocked LK Valiant Rebellion, but I don’t think it’s punishable by a normal.

 1-Bar Point Blank Range: HP xx MK Valiant Rebellion, cr. MP xx EX Disc’s Guidance

You can also substitute EX Valiant Rebellion if they’re already in the corner, however it does less damage, but it does allow you to keep the momentum going because it doesn’t knock down.  EX Disc’s Guidance was my go to combo finisher because it does really good damage, good stun, and good corner push.  If you start this combo with j. HP, it does about half of their stun bar. 

1-Bar Point Blank Range: EX Mask of Tlalli, HP Raising Light

Good damage off of a command grab.  You can mash HP Raising Light because you need to do it as early as possible.  

1-Bar Point Blank Range: cr. HP xx HK Valiant Rebellion, EX Valiant Rebellion

The HK Valiant Rebellion launches which allows the EX Valiant Rebellion to connect

3-Bar Critical Art: cr. MK xx. LK Valiant Rebellion xx Critical Art

Solid damage, easy to hit confirm.


Necalli is a strong character that rewards good footsies and fundamentals.  His damaging combos are relatively easy to land due to the low execution requirements.  With LK Valiant Rebellion being hard to punish, you can apply easy pressure using his cr. MK.  Once you’ve trained them to block, it’s easy to run up and command grab them.  He seems like a well-rounded character due to having all the tools required to open people up.  

He might struggle against zoning/runaway characters, but V-Skill is useful in that regard.  Also he is relatively weak when on the defensive due to his only invincible Reversal costing one EX Meter and being extremely punishable on block.  

Thanks for reading!  Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions.  Feedback and questions are welcome and appreciated!

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