Street Fighter V: Necalli Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial

Street Fighter V: Necalli Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial

This past weekend in addition to playing R. Mika (check out my Street Fighter V R. Mika Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial as well), I also got a chance to play Necalli on Day 2.  Similar to my write-up on R. Mika and Ryu, I’ll be going through the basics of Necalli so that you can have a leg up on the competition in case you get to play the Street Fighter V Beta at an upcoming event like TwitchCon or New York Comic Con, or hell maybe even the online beta.

Necalli is a new character to the Street Fighter universe, hailing from the jungle of presumably South America.  He is very strong up close due to his command grab, stomp, and good normals.  He is somewhat of a hybrid between Fei Long and Evil Ryu due to his safe pressure game, minus the fireball, sort of.  His V-Skill is a ground pound, similar to C. Viper’s Seismo Hammer whose distance can be controlled.  Some of his specials have a Wolverine-esque aesthetic such as his Disc’s Guidance and Raging Light.

He is best played offensively because he cannot effectively play the long-range game for long.

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