Street Fighter V Tutorial: The Basics of Ryu

Street Fighter V Tutorial: The Basics of Ryu

With SFV appearing at Six Flags locations throughout the summer and making appearances at gaming conventions and tournaments between now and it’s release in spring 2016, a lot of you guys are going to get your hands on the game early.  It's also avilable to those who pre-order on PS4 will get access to the open online beta July 23-28.  Since my last post about the mechanics of the game was well-received I thought I would continue on with the series.  This time I’ll be focusing on Ryu since I believe that is the best character for every player to start with when learning a new Street Fighter game.  

The Adam of all fighting games that every fighting game character in gaming is in some way inspired by or descended from makes his glorious return in Street Fighter V.  After a series of updates in SF4 rendered him a shell of his former self, as well as the rise of his soul-selling variant Evil Ryu, Ryu is arguably more powerful than ever.  

USF4: Ryu Tutorial by Bafael



  • Preferred ultras: U1 always
  • Entry level difficulty 1/10
  • Advanced difficulty 4/10


  • medium uppercut
  • EX DP
  • crouch fierce (vs akuma crossup tatsu)
  • far roundhouse (vs zangief)
  • far fierce (vs yun)
  • anti air jab DP (vs rufus)
  • jump strong (vs bison)
  • low forward vs some jump normals
  • low forward vs ambiguous crossups
  • EX DP vs delayable jumps, air fireballs
  • anti air U1


  • hard tatsu
  • low forward ex fireball
  • ultra 1


  • EX fireball
  • Super
  • U1+hard tatsu
  • Far Tatsu
  • ex uppercut

Punishing Combos

  • light rekka punished by fierce DP
  • hard drill punished by fierce DP
  • hawk dive punished by ex fireball
  • hard blanka ball punished by dash cr.mk, tatsu
  • ex dive punished by ultra 1 (works for regular dive too)
  • light blanka ball punished by super
  • super punishing -3 moves
  • stand fierce, hard DP on blocked light shoryuken
  • stand forward, fireball fadc close fierce hard dp, 2bar
  • towards fierce, crouch fierce, hard DP on blocked blanka 


  • jump HK, stand HP, hard DP over a fireball
  • lv 2 focus absorbing a sweep, dash in, f+HP, crouch fierce, hard DP

Confirm Combos

  • crouch short, crouch jab, walk in throw
  • crouch short, crouch jab, crouch fierce, fierce DP
  • jump over MK, crouch short, crouch jab, throw
  • jump over MK, crouch short, crouch jab, link DP
  • crouch short, crouch jab, crouch strong, throw
  • crouch short, crouch jab, crouch strong, tatsumaki
  • crossup MK, low strong, throw
  • crossup MK, low strong, sweep

Important Juggles

  • jump MP, jump MP, air tatsu
  • jump MP, medium uppercut
  • jump MP, super
  • jump MP, ultra
  • anti air jab DP, medium DP
  • anti air jab DP, ex fireball
  • anti air jab DP, jump MP, air tatsu
  • anti air jab DP, ultra
  • shoryuken fadc jump strong tatsu

Corner Only

  • shoryuken fadc jump back strong tatsu
  • light tatsu, medium uppercut
  • ex tatsu, medium uppercut
  • ex tatsu, ex fireball, ex tatsu
  • ex tatsu, ultra
  • ex fireball, ultra

Ultra Setups

  • focus ultra
  • block DP, ultra
  • shoryuken fadc ultra (anti air)
  • shoryuken fadc ultra (in combo)
  • ex fireball fadc ultra midscreen


  • low short low jab throw
  • low short low jab low jab hard tatsu
  • low short low jab f+MP
  • low short low jab ex tatsu
  • meaty throw
  • meaty low short
  • meaty f+MP
  • meaty EX DP 2 hits, fadc u1
  • jump over MK, crouch strong, then crouch strong tatsu
  • jump over MK, crouch strong, walk in throw
  • jump over MK, crouch strong, walk in ex tatsu
  • jump over MK, crouch strong, walk in DP fadc ultra
  • forward throw, jump in HK
  • forward throw, crossup tatsu, super
  • backthrow normal jump in
  • backthrow bait DP crossup
  • crossup MK in corner
  • fake crossup LK in corner
  • jump in MP, crouch short jab fierce uppercut (overhead low)
  • jump in MP 2 hits, low jab low fierce uppercut (overhead overhead low)

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