Street Fighter V: Necalli Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial

Street Fighter V: Necalli Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial

This past weekend in addition to playing R. Mika (check out my Street Fighter V R. Mika Movelist, Basics & Combos Tutorial as well), I also got a chance to play Necalli on Day 2.  Similar to my write-up on R. Mika and Ryu, I’ll be going through the basics of Necalli so that you can have a leg up on the competition in case you get to play the Street Fighter V Beta at an upcoming event like TwitchCon or New York Comic Con, or hell maybe even the online beta.

Necalli is a new character to the Street Fighter universe, hailing from the jungle of presumably South America.  He is very strong up close due to his command grab, stomp, and good normals.  He is somewhat of a hybrid between Fei Long and Evil Ryu due to his safe pressure game, minus the fireball, sort of.  His V-Skill is a ground pound, similar to C. Viper’s Seismo Hammer whose distance can be controlled.  Some of his specials have a Wolverine-esque aesthetic such as his Disc’s Guidance and Raging Light.

He is best played offensively because he cannot effectively play the long-range game for long.

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Street Fighter V Tutorial: The Basics of Ryu

Street Fighter V Tutorial: The Basics of Ryu

With SFV appearing at Six Flags locations throughout the summer and making appearances at gaming conventions and tournaments between now and it’s release in spring 2016, a lot of you guys are going to get your hands on the game early.  It's also avilable to those who pre-order on PS4 will get access to the open online beta July 23-28.  Since my last post about the mechanics of the game was well-received I thought I would continue on with the series.  This time I’ll be focusing on Ryu since I believe that is the best character for every player to start with when learning a new Street Fighter game.  

The Adam of all fighting games that every fighting game character in gaming is in some way inspired by or descended from makes his glorious return in Street Fighter V.  After a series of updates in SF4 rendered him a shell of his former self, as well as the rise of his soul-selling variant Evil Ryu, Ryu is arguably more powerful than ever.  

Introduction to Street Fighter V: What's New and Different from Street Fighter 4

Introduction to Street Fighter V: What's New and Different from Street Fighter 4

Well it’s been about a week since E3 wrapped up and I’ve had some time to process what I’ve learned about SFV.  Keep in mind that these impressions are after playing as much as I had time over the course of the 3-day event.  Although I’m a longtime Street Fighter player, there may be some things that I got wrong and there will almost certainly be things that change in the game as we get closer to release.  

The game will be available at different events and locations, as well as July 23-28 during the online beta (available for those that pre-order), so if you plan on going to any of these events and want to have a leg up on the competition and start formulating a strategy, here’s a quick primer on the main differences that stood out between SF4 and SFV.

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Going for stun as Yun by gootecks


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