Mike ''Brolylegs'' Begum is a renowned Chun-li expert who uses his face to compete at the highest level of Street Fighter 4. Even with a physical disability, he has overcome many obstacles in the competitive scene and uses his analytical mentality to fully comprehend the game completely.

Mastering the important aspects of fighting games such as spacing, footsies, and zoning, Brolylegs has climbed the leaderboards of Xbox Live and is currently the #1 Chun-li and #3 Poison. He has also competed in various offline tournaments such as Final Round 17, and Evo 2011-2014 and has won several local tournaments in Houston, Texas. Recognized by many for his upbeat personality,

Broly is easy to warm up to and very outspoken in the development of beginning players. Aside from technique, Brolylegs primarily focuses on teaching the mental process of competition and offers insight on improving confidence, avoiding stressful situations, and getting players focused on the match itself. Although his strength is in charge characters, Broly's diligent work on Poison has given him a stronger presence in fireball control and zoning.  Patience is key in Brolylegs gameplay as his dedication to defense has led to many comebacks and clutch performances.

In-depth Knowledge

  • Charge characters
  • Mastery of fundamentals such as spacing, footsies, and defense.
  • Development of Mental Toughness
  • SFV: Chun-Li & Karin
  • USFIV: Chun-Li & Poison


  • 17th Place - Texas Showdown 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 1st place in several Houston tournaments with 60+ entrants
  • Top 64 placing at Evo 2012 and Evo 2013
  • #1 ranked Chun-li and #3 Poison on Xbox Live



"I played a ranked match after our session & was able to pull of the meaty m.punch, cr. m. punch, to elbow. As well as keep up my anti air game & tech every throw. I feel like I really benefited from our session. Thank you very much & I can't wait for future lessons." - David Grady, 2016

PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS BAHN at ptbphoto.org