Tips on leaving us messages

asking for suggestions for which trainer to pick

Let us know as much as possible about you so that we can match you up with the best trainer would fit you! Some things you could tell us to get started would be:

  • Your current skill level
  • Your goals and what you want to expect
  • Your price range
  • Your past gaming experience
  • The characters you want to learn

Are you wondering about a long-term training plan?

We get a lot of requests from people that want to sign up for regular lessons with our trainers and if we could offer some sort of pricing plan at a lowered price. Think having a discounted monthly gym fee under a contract as opposed to a slightly more expensive monthly fee that you can opt out of anytime.

Give us as much information as possible using the bullet points we listed in the Asking for suggestions for which trainer to pick section above and we'll start negotiating something for you!

did something go wrong?

Did one of our guys not show up for their appointment? Did you accidentally miss one of yours! That's okay! We don't care what went wrong - we're going to make things right for you.

When something goes wrong, 99 out of 100 times something logistical happened like either your or the trainers' computer broke down or an email didn't get sent leading to one or the other missing an appointment. We'll take care of you!