Q: What is the refund policy?
A: 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy.  If you're not happy, let us know and we'll work it out.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Everybody is busy and things come up, so if it's not an emergency, then there are no cancellations within 24 hours.   

Q: I'm interested in leveling up my game, but I don't know who I should ask to train me. How do I decide?
A: If you haven't already, visit all of the trainers' pages (listed below). We give a thorough description of everyone's specialties, achievements, games, and their histories as competitors. If you're still unsure who to go with after checking out the pages, contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com and we'll give you a few suggestions and why you'd go with who we suggest so that you can make an educated choice for yourself.

Q: Are all lessons on Skype or do we meet in person?
A: All lessons are via Skype. You can download it for free by clicking on this link.

Q: I live in Asia/Europe/Australia/wherever, can we still do the session?
A: Yes but the session will probably be more discussion and match analysis.  You should have some replays in your Battle Log that we can go through and you would still get a lot of value out of that.

Q.  What if I want more than 1 session?
A:  We have different session lengths and packages available here: click this link

Q: I'm interested in a long-term agreement and having lessons regularly over a certain period of time. It it possible to arrange this kind of long-term deal and getting a lowered price?
A: We are most definitely willing to work out a long-term deal. Please contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com with what kind of deal you're looking for and we'll start working something out for you.

Q:  What are we actually going to be doing during the session?
A:  We usually start with Endless Battle so that we can get a better understanding of you as a player, providing some pointers along the way between games.  If we notice something specific about your game that we can help with, then we'll go into Online Training mode to help you work on that particular part of your game.  Finally, we go back to Endless Battle to test out how you adapted to certain situations and applying the things we taught you and you can ask questions.  Then we'll wrap it up and summarize everything that we went through in our session.  

If you have a special request or wanted to something different, just let us know and it can usually be accommodated.  

Q:  What should I do before we start?
A:  Be on Skype 5 minutes before we start as well as whatever system you wanted to play on (*Make sure you have a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play online).  You should have already included your Skype SN and gamertag into the form, so we'll be able to get things going promptly.  Make sure that you've tested your headset.  It's not required, but it definitely makes for a better experience. Also, make sure your roommate is not on Netflix and you've closed any torrents you might be running. ;)

Q: The trainer I want to arrange an appointment does not have any available dates listed! How can I arrange an appointment?
A: We always do our best to update all of our trainers' availabilities and working around their schedules. Usually a closed availability indicates that the trainer is traveling or is taking some days off with friends or family. However, it is always possible that we missed certain days and times so if you're unable to sign up for a session, contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com and we'll do our best to hook you two up.

Q: Is there any way to possibly get a session with gootecks? I main Balrog/Rose and I feel like it would be helpful to get tips from someone who has lots of experience with him.
A: Gootecks' schedule is usually pretty packed. Hit him up on Twitter (@gootecks) and we might be able to arrange something.

Q: Can we book a session a month or more in advance?
A: Everyone's schedules change pretty often so we do not book any more than 15 days in advance. If you still want to try to arrange a lesson with us at a later date, contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com and we might be able to work something out.

Q. Can we pay with PayPal?
A: Our automated system doesn't allow for us to receive PayPal payments. However if you would like to pay through PayPal, contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com - be sure to tell us who you would like to train with and at what time so that we can reserve that time slot for you.

Upon reaching an agreement for a trainer, time and date, we will hold a reservation for you for 24 hours unless otherwise specified.

Q. I have a coupon code, but I can't find where to use it! Where do I type in my coupon code?
A: See the diagram shown below - we've circled the link in blue. Remember, that if you have trouble finding it - do not put your payment information in before you put that coupon code. We ask for a coupon code before a form of payment, so if you are having trouble finding a place to type in the coupon code, do not put in your information expecting a typing field to come up.


Q: I accidentally paid before using my coupon code. Can I input the coupon code after the transaction?
A: We are unable to add coupon codes after a transaction has been completed. But contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com stating when you're appointment was scheduled and what coupon code you had and we'll make it right for you.

Q: Can I schedule a session focusing on an older game?
A: We do our best to list all available games a trainer both has and is capable of training someone in. However, we may miss a game or two. So if you're interested in learning games such as Super Street Fighter II: HD Remix, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike: etc., contact us at info@crosscountertraining.com so that we can try to work something out. Game availability solely depends on if the trainers have access to the correct game and system though.
Also keep in mind that most of our lessons consist of (1) playing against you online and (2) watching replays of you playing. Depending on which game you pick, the experience you receive may change. For example, we wouldn't really be able to play you online if you were trying to learn Street Fighter Alpha 3, nor would we be able to watch replays if you wanted to learn Super Puzzle Fighter.

Q: I like the photographs used, where can I find more and who is the photographer?
A: We got to give a shout out and huge thank you to Chris Bahn for providing us with the amazing photographs he's taken. You can find more of his amazing work on his website http://www.ptbphoto.org/. And why not give him a follow on Twitter to see more of his amazing photography @bahnism.