Peter Susini also known as "Flash" has been competing in the fighting game scene for over a decade. Flash has transitioned the skills he honed in Guilty Gear X2 into a successful Street Fighter pro career that boast accolades including a top 10 finish at CEO 2016 and a second place finish at Combo Breaker 2016. The future for this recent Team Naventic signee is looking bright, as he continues to impress on the Capcom Pro Tour with his rock-solid defensive play style. Flash is one of our bi-lingual trainers who can run training sessions in both English and Spanish and with multiple areas of expertise he is the perfect teacher for students looking to take their system mechanics, setups, and defensive tactics knowledge to the next level. 


  • System mechanics
  • Set ups/ Okizeme
  • Advanced training methods
  • Defensive play style
  • Speaks English & Spanish
  • SFV: Mains Vega


  • 5th Place - Summer Jam 2016 - SFV
  • 5th Place - Defend the North 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 33rd Place - EVO 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 9th Place - CEO 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 2nd Place - Combo Breaker 2016 - Street Fighter V
  • 9th Place - Final Round 19 - Street Fighter V
  • 7th Place - EVO 2011 - SF4