A lot of things affect who you are as a player, including seemingly unrelated things such as your career life, your home life, your past gaming experience both in and outside of the genre. Please tells us what you feel comfortable with about yourself so that we know what we're working with and think of a training plan that can fit your lifestyle.
Please tell us all you can about you and your gaming ability! Some things you can list are (1) How you do at local tournaments, (2) How you do online, or even (3) how you do against the computer opponents in arcade mode!
What are your long-term goals and short-term goals? Do you want to eventually win Evolution? Do you want to perform decently online or at your local tournaments? Do you want to beat your cousin at your family reunion? Do you want to game for a living and need the skill?
Do you want to learn MKX and/or SF4? Trying to become the best Ibuki in town? Want to level up your footsies game?
Tell us how much you are planning to budget to a training program. You can also list how much you're willing to pay hourly if you don't have a hard limit on how much you're willing to spend.

Tips on leaving us messages

Are you wondering about a long-term training plan?

We get a lot of requests from people that want to sign up for regular lessons with our trainers and if we could offer some sort of pricing option at a lowered price similar to that of a gym membership. Think committing to a certain amount of time under a contract as opposed to a slightly more expensive monthly fee that you can opt out of anytime.

Give us as much information as possible using the fields we listed and we'll match you up with a trainer and plan that fits your lifestyle!

Not looking to commit just  yet?

If you're not looking for something long-term but are still having trouble picking a trainer, you can still fill out this form and we'll get you matched up with someone that matches your ambitions.

If the single session route is the way for you, please let us know if you're only planning on having one session or if you are trying us out to see if you would like recurring sessions. That way we know if we should try to give you a quick rundown on how to get better or set you up for the long run.