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If anyone could dominate online or at tournaments, everyone would. But reality has shown to us that this is not the case. Some players don't have the time to invest in training because of other life commitments such as careers, education and relationships. Some players don't have the community that enables them to get better. Everyone needs that place to go to find other players that want to learn more about the game as you. Some players don't have the experience to know what works, what doesn't work, and where to find the resources that will help them get better more quickly.

Here at Cross Counter Training we want to help players that want to get better at fighting games but run into these issues. We make sure that every minute you spend with us go towards your development and we'll tell you how you can use your time more efficiently afterwards so that after your session, you can make the best out of whatever time you can commit. We will add you to our private Cross Counter Training Facebook group so that you can talk to and connect with every past client we have had so that you have those group of players to go to when you need some help. And we can do all this because you'll be coached by some of the very best from the Fighting Game Community that know how to mentally get through all the barriers that stop players and where you can find all the help you need to develop.