Our Mission

Fighting game players today live in an unprecedented age of knowledge. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to more learning materials than we've ever had, including forums, videos, frame date and tutorials. You can learn your basic bread and butter combos and be out fighting streets in no time. You may find, however, that not all answers can be found online.

A tutorial won't tell you when you're jumping too much. A YouTube video won't teach you when to go for a knockdown rather than a full punish. No frame data can tell you what side you should be blocking a cross up on.

In the early days of fighting games, skills were forged in arcades, standing side by side with your opponent, putting up your own money to prove your worth. Learning and improving was a function of time as much as it was a function of skill. To be the best, you fought with the best, trained with the best--learned from the best.

In an effort to level up the community as a whole, we just want to provide that opportunity: a chance to learn from some of the best fighting game players there are.